What an inconvenience

So last week

I’m rushing from one appointment to another

And ‘BEEP”

Warning lights come on in my car..

Tyre pressure is low.


Which means

I have to stop off, go through a manual to find out what they’re supposed to be (or use my amazing friend ‘Google’ haha)

It’s an inconvenience. 

But you know what?

It’s a lot less of an inconvenience than 

Breaking down

Or worse

Losing control of my car…

Wouldn’t you agree?

Well, why is it

That when it comes to this eating healthily and fitness stuff

Do we not take the warning signs seriously?


The snacking habits

The ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ mindset around exercise

I could go on…

Little things which 

DO motivation to do..

It’s an inconvenience to exercise

To plan your meals around your day

So you don’t have to rely on willpower…

But you know what’s more inconvenient ?

Staying the same 

Feeling rubbish about not doing what you said you would do

Beating yourself up

Feeling unfit…

And the good news?

Just like I got my tyre fixed in about 30 minutes..

(turned out that there was a nail in the tyre)

You can turn it around TODAY

And completely change the way you feel…

You just have to take the first step 

No matter how small

Whether it is doing a short walk 


Writing down 5 things that make you happy and doing one of those things at 7pm TODAY where you would normally pick at some junk and feel guilty..

It’s about building momentum 

Building confidence..

Getting 1% better everyday 

And building the nutrition and exercise stuff into your lifestyle

Not just 

So you can feel better about the way you look and feel this Summer

(which is nice, too)

But so it becomes something you can do FOREVER…

So if you’re struggling for motivation this Monday?

Ask yourself:

What’s the COST of not doing the thing that you don’t want to do today?

Matt ‘Monday Motivation’ Fruci

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