lessons from Love Island

You would have done well not to know that 

‘Love Island’ 

Is back on the tv screens

I only know as Mrs Fruci put it on (honest 😂)

I must admit

As far as “chewing gum” tv goes?

It’s quite entertaining 

If you haven’t seen it…

Take 15 single guys and girls (notice the odd number), put them in a villa, couple them up, and give the couple at the end £50,000…

And yes…

It’s total trash TV…

The couples are swapped and changed throughout.

The ‘odd’ one out is trying to get ‘coupled up’, too.

‘Back stabbers’



It makes good tv…

But in actual fact…

We do the same thing…

We stab Weight Watchers in the back…

Have a fling with Slimming World…

Flirt with the Cleanse diet for a few weeks…

Kiss Herbalife…

And then get back with Weight Watchers…


We diet ‘hop’.

But you know what?

I’m actually here to say that diet hopping is OK 🤔


Well, you have to do what you have to do 

To find out what’s works and – most importantly –

What doesn’t work for you…

I’ve done this, too.

Hop from coach to coach expecting the next golden nugget…

But what this did do

Is allow me to get 

1. clarity on what suits me and what doesn’t 

2. Become more certain in what I was doing 

You see, when you become more certain in what you’re doing? 

You find it easier to stick to.

Because you focus on ONE thing

But sometimes it takes time

Trying different things to know this…

(Just like in Love Island)

So my point?

If you think something won’t work for you put because you have failed before?

Ask yourself:

What did you learn?

What did work?

What didn’t work?

Because just like Denise said

“although I have only attended a few sessions now it’s amazing how different I feel and already noticing a difference in body shape. Makes me think wow look what I could achieve if I was 100% motivated and did the healthy eating bit. Thanks again and see you tomorrow”

You start to gain confidence and momentum …

In fact, she even went on her first run in years the other day…

So I guess what I’m saying

Is that there’s no substitute for “doing”

And no such thing as failure

Unless you stop 

Matt “flirt” Fruci

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