Why I’m having a poop themed birthday party 

Whilst the kids these days are celebrating their birthdays swinging, climbing, diving, exploring, playing pass the parcel (not jealous….), expecting you to bake a cupcake for EVERY friend they’ve ever had AND…

Having poop-themed birthday parties? 

^^^ didn’t expect that one did you..

That’s right, apparently it is becoming a theme.

They played ‘pin the poop’

Even had a ‘poop’ themed cake…

Now, of course, this was in the USA..

But maybe they’re onto something with this poop-themed birthday party?

Could this help you live longer?

And even slow down the rate at which you’re finding the odd grey hair?

Well, I know this isn’t the most appetising way to live long, prevent wrinkles and get more energy

But our friends in lab coats found that when they gave older fish the gut bacteria of younger fish..

They lived 37% longer and were darting around more like younger fish

What is this saying?

Yes, that ‘young poo’ made aged fish live longer

Which shows – once again – just how important your gut could be

Did you know that  >70% of our immune system is in your gut?

And the health of your gut may play a role in how much fat your lose….

Check this…

Sterile mice (with no bacteria in their guts) were given gut bacteria from human twins.

One human twin was FAT…

The other human twin was LEAN…

The mice were then fed a low-fat diet for 15-days (both were given the same diet).

And despite being on the same diet…

The mice with the ‘obese’ microbiome put on MORE WEIGHT…

Than the mice with the ‘lean’ microbiome…

So, could it be that your gut bacteria plays a role in how you handle food?

How you handle CALORIES?

Could pizza and chips be 1000 calories for a fat person…

But 700 calories for a lean person?

Is the gut bacteria the cause of obesity or the symptom?

Early days….

Now, before you start holding poop-themed birthday parties…

One thing we do know is that your diet and exercise habits CAN change your gut bacteria

So like the chicken and the egg.

Is it actually more practical to get your fitness and eating habits on track before worrying about the gut and poop parties?


Especially as we don’t actually know as much about the gut as some lead us to believe… 

(and yep, they will probably sell you a load of supplements to go with it with the promise it will ‘ help your gut’. My question to ask if someone says that? HOW will it help your gut? Specifically? With evidence?) 

So for now?

Focus on what you can do .

Just like we do in our 28 Day Summer Kickstart (message me with ‘Summer’ for more info) 

So you don’t have to waste more time stressing about whether ‘this is healthy enough’


Cooking separately for the rest of your family

And can focus more on getting your ‘me’ time back, toning up, and fitting back into your favourite clothes

^^^ all without poop-themed parties…

Matt ‘pooped’ Fruci

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