Why I failed…

I found out (the hard way) that eating too much of a "good" food can be a bad thing!

This pretty much sums up why I failed (in my opinion)...

I liked the "idea" of eating "low-carb", but it meant that going out for meals was difficult, I had to give up some of my favourite foods, and it made exercise feel "harder".

I liked the "idea" of ONLY eating whole - so-called - "fat burning" foods allday, everyday, but it got boring.

^^^ I couldn't stick to it.

And what's the best diet in the world?

The one you'll do!​

Don't get me wrong, I got pretty lean on some of these diets I've tried.

But, it was at the expense of my social life​...and it made my relationship with food even worse!

I also never seemed to be able to lose that "last bit​ of fat around the stomach"...

Until I realised that there is a better way!​

Now, the key to a successful weight-loss (fat loss) strategy ​is to create an energy deficit through your diet and / or exercise programme.

​And one way to ensure you have a diet that you can stick to is to:

Make sure you feel full and satisfied! ​

 ^^^ something I completely overlooked...

The amount of food on your plate (the weight) will play a key role in how full and satisfied you feel, which will help you overcome and control urges to binge / overeat.

This is exactly why I get all my clients to track their hunger levels. ​

Because food choices will impact this and making simple food swaps (without actually eating fewer calories) can make a big difference to whether you stick to your nutrition plan or just pile the weight back on.

I used to think popcorn was "junk food" (it obviously can be depending on how you make it)​.

There was no persuading me, though.

I also "heard" that avocado was a fat burning food, so I would eat 1, and sometimes 2 or 3 everyday...without having the knowledge of how much energy this was giving me.

I just thought it was "good for me" so more must be "better for me"...​

Here's the comparison between the "junk food" and the "fat burning" food (and if you're wondering what this looks like, watch the video):​

​66 g of popcorn kernels cooked in 1 kcal fry spray and topped with sea salt and stevia provides:

Fat: 7.1 g, Carbs: 32 g, Fibre: 10.1 g, Protein: 9.2 g, Calories: 229

136 g (meat only) avocado (1 avocado) provides:

Fat: 20 g, Carbs: 12 g, Fibre: 9 g, Protein: 2.7 g, Calories: 239​

​So, an avocado provides more calories than all of that popcorn, yet takes barely any time to eat and - in my opinion - doesn't really fill me up.

Plus, it's pretty boring to eat on it's own.

Now, I still eat avocados  (usually in salads). They're full of healthy fats etc.

But my point ​is that you CAN lose weight (achieve fat loss) without "giving up" foods or going to the extreme. 

There's a BETTER way.​

And it just so happens that popcorn (a food I used to "give up" and crave)​ can help me feel full and satisfied. It's loaded with fibre and pretty much provides the identical nutrition as the "superfood" oats!

So, focus on what matters:

- Building a nutrition plan you can stick to

​Which usually involves (at minimum) these 2 things:

​- NOT giving up your favourite foods!

But at the same time, making sure you feel full and satisfied by:​

​- Making the "majority" of your diet full of high volume, nutrient dense foods (avocados AND popcorn...).

​Learn from my mistakes.

If it wasn't for my "all or nothing" / "no bad foods" mentality, I would have probably been where I am today 5 years ago! 

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