Want Better Legs?

The Simple, Yet Overlooked, Move For Better Legs...

Why I like it?

- It doesn't require too much technical teaching so you can get a 'feel' for the muscle that's working <<< You can shape your legs WITHOUT putting heavy stuff on your back

- However, once you get this 'feel' for the muscle, it gives you confidence and you can (if you wish) apply this to other moves that require a bit more technical teaching, like squats <<< which can have a greater impact on overall training and calories burned...plus they'll make everyday tasks, like shopping and queuing for coffee at Costa, much easier!

- There's no messing around with plates and bars. It's quick to do (meaning I don't have spend as long training) and will STILL provide a great stimulus on the muscle!

- It's tucked away in the corner and no one can really see you <<< allowing some funny faces to go unnoticed (unless you post a video on Facebook)

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