“I’m SOOOO Hungry I Could Eat A Bus…

Do you ever have one of those days where you're sooooo hungry that you "could eat a bus"?

It usually happens to me when I've:

1. Had a rubbish nights sleep

2. Feeling stressed / overwhelmed (some people go the opposite way and eat less...)

3. I'm eating tasty food (my taste buds tell me I'm hungry...)​

4. I've not eating enough​

​And according to the research, there could be other reasons too:

​- You're lacking in protein and fibre (these help to keep you full)

Solution: Increase your intake of lean meats, fish, beans / pulses and veggies!

- Your ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fats is out of whack (essential fats)

- ​You're eating too much processed foods (this may impact your hunger hormones)

- And for females...you might feel like ​"you could eat a bus" if you're in the premenstrual phase...

Below is a quick summary:

​And below is a summary of whether you could actually eat a bus...

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