Why High Protein Diets Are Unhealthy

The answer to every nutrition question in 4 minutes:
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Everyone is an expert right now
Be it Brexit
how to bring up kids 
Wean them
and – of course – how to lose weight
But you know who’s probably the worst culprit?
Well, I couldn’t quite decide between the Daily Fail
‘Jenny from the block’
^^ You know, that person who says stuff like ‘should you really be eating that on a diet?’ 
‘Jenny from the block’ lost weight once upon a time banning foods and carbs 
and now preaches it to you just because ‘it worked for me’
She knows best…always…
She even claims she could secure a deal with the EU
that would please everyone…shes that bloody good (and annoying)
But the reason I bring this up is because you 
may have seen some scaremongering in the news about protein recently…
And how despite it being the buzzwords and being added to everything you can possible think of in the supermarkets..
It’s apparently ‘unhealthy’
Because it speeds up processes in your body which may result in ageing…
But here’s the thing
Scientists found this may be the case in …
^^^ Yep, so zero relevance to you…
As I’m pretty sure your life is a bit different to a worms 😉
Why am I sharing this with you?
Well, in my opinion, the whole problem with the fitness, exercise and diet industry
is that it’s not personalised for you
time you have
foods you like
work / life balance
and what you are happy to do…
Which just puts you off doing ANYTHING
Searching for the ‘perfect’ diet
Confused at what’s the best thing to eat
and thinking ‘F it’…

as a confused mind can’t make a decision…

which leads to more procrastination

​​​​​​leaving you further away from where you want to be with your fitness, how you look and feel, the clothes you wear, health, joints…I could go on.
Which really does pi55 me off…
So, I’ve created this video here for you at the top of the page..
to summarise what matters for HUMANS
when it comes to this whole fat loss and health stuff

to keep it simple :-)​​

But even then, I get it.

“How do I put​​​​ this into a simple plan that’s fit for my lifestyle?”

Well, that’s exactly what we do in our 4-Week Kickstart Programme​​
which opens up again soon.
For more details, just email me at matt@frucifit.com with the subject line ‘4 week’ and I’ll get you the details
Matt ‘Chief Brexit Negotiator’ Fruci


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