Why even bother?

We "usually" need a reason to do something.

And rightly so.

Be it having a few Sangrias BECAUSE it was a hot summers day yesterday (homemade and recipe to come don't you worry).

Deciding that you're going to go out for a curry to celebrate a birthday (it's my birthday on Wednesday by the way), a new job, the weekend...whatever it is.

We usually have some motive.

But after a while, it just becomes a habit.

And we know we end up just accepting that we "should" do "something" (whether we do it or not)

Or we just do "stuff" without really knowing why.

And it reminds me of exercise.

We know that "it's good for us".

But why?

* Weight loss.

* Stress relief.

* Improved immune system.

* Make everyday tasks easier.

* Feel more confident about ourselves.

* Prevent / better manage Type 2 Diabetes

* Reduce your risk of heart disease

You get the point.

But how does it work and why should we do it?

Well, Professor Jeremy Tavare (who I had the pleasure of meeting and filming last week) explains it here: 

"Contraction of your muscle when you exercise will stimulate the uptake of glucose"


Exercise improves your ability to take up and use "sugar".

And in his words"

"It's incredibly complicated but beautifully simple."

So, what are you doing to "improve your ability to use sugar" today?

Let me know.

Speak tomorrow


PS. Organic coffee beans if you're wondering what to buy me for my birthday.​

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