As scary as this all sounds…

In the UK today there are 1.4 million people aged over 85 years...

By 2035, this will rise to 3.6 million!!!

And as a result, our increasingly stretched healthcare systems will turn to sensory systems to continuously, unobtrusively, help us live healthier lives.

This doesn't mean that a "human being" will be monitoring our every move.

But the automated system (when completely finished) could:

* Tell us when we haven't exercised enough...

* Tell us when we haven't eaten or have eaten more than normal...

* Tell us when we've had too much wine (Which is not often, right?)..

It can also alert a loved one or friend if anything "strange" happens in your home.

For example, there's no movement / your walking pattern is a bit "off" (maybe you drank too many wines?).

The system will be bespoke to YOU!

And this is what Professor Jeremy Tavare (who I met last week from the University of Bristol) is working on.

As scary as this all sounds...

It's thought that we'll be MORE worried and "scared" if these sensors aren't in our homes in the near future.

And when I told a client about this yesterday they responded with:

"It'll be a bit like you then"...

And I guess to an extent, they're right...

Because (just like Big Brother) I know:

* Exactly how much and what my clients are eating everyday

* Exactly how much and what exercise they do everyday

Which in the words of my client:

"Means that I eat better"

^^^ And this is just the start.

Because by being accountable, eating better, and getting your exercise in... you begin to feel better.

More energy.

Weight loss.

And you start to fit back into your old clothes

^^^ Just like another client (Ashley) said to me this weekend just gone which really made my day...

"as it was hot yesterday I tried on some shorts that haven't fitted me for years. Fit now!"

And it's these type of changes that are exactly why having a bespoke training and nutrition programme that fits your lifestyle and puts you back in control of your food trumps any cookie-cutter diet

Speak soon,


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