A massive wake up call?

It was just last week.

I woke up early (6am) and went out with my dog (Dora) for our leisurely morning stroll.

^^^ always gets me in the right frame of mind to take control of my day.

I usually come back with JUST enough time to make some food and shower before getting on with my work.

So we come back from the walk.

I'm feeling good.

Until, I go into my pocket to get my key out and notice it's not there!

It's obviously fallen out (must have happened when picking up her poo...selfish, I know).

So, I get Dora, put her lead back on, and we head off on the same route...

Only this time...

We're running round because I've got work to do....

Now, luckily we found the key.

But it was a massive wake up call.

Not in the sense that I should be more careful with a key in my pocket (I know, I should)

But that I was massively out of breath running round.

You see, a lot of my work involves me sitting down, preparing sessions, writing nutrition and exercise programmes, and speaking with clients.

I don't actually move that much (apart from when I exercise in the gym or take the dog out).

And it had never dawned on me just how unfit I was (especially considering I was running half marathons a few years back).

I was reminded by this when doing pull ups, too.

^^^ I find them A LOT harder when I'm carrying extra body fat.

You see, we all have a "body fat" set point where we feel comfortable at.

Good news though, as this level of body fat ADJUSTS.

So as you get leaner and maintain your weight loss, your body adjusts so you can feel AWESOME and not be hungry all of the time!

But recently, I'd let myself put a bit of fat on whilst not really doing much that got my heart rate up.

And it's exactly why I'm adding in some exercise to increase my heart rate and help me get lean for my family trip to Cornwall in 9 weeks (from yesterday).


* It makes everyday tasks, like climbing stairs, walking the dog, and looking for lost keys, easier.

* Helps me stay leaner all year round

* Makes me feel "alive"...my lungs felt like they had just woken up from Sunday lay in!

* It reduces stress

* Means I can EAT MORE whilst still getting lean!

Now, I don't mean getting on a treadmill because I just don't enjoy it.

But rather, I'm simply going to increase my daily activity habits (walking to the shops, having more frequent breaks from work, doing my active things with friends and family) and doing the odd extra 5 minute workout that doesn't take much time.

Because doing what you enjoy and fitting it into your everyday life means you'll stick to it and have the ability to get lean whenever you want to...instead of banking on the latest "detox" tea "diet" 9 weeks before your summer holiday!

Speak tomorrow,


PS. It's the last day of Summer today, so enjoy it! I'm off to celebrate my cousins birthday (hoping they do a BBQ).

PPS. I met a Professor from University of Bristol last week which I'll tell you a bit more about tomorrow

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