Wholemeal bread and the dog poo box

Did you hear about the guy who’d been posting his letters in the dog poo box for the past 2 years?

He must have wondered why no one was responding to him…Bless him!

And it reminds me of a common question I get from members on my body transformation programmes:

“Is wholemeal bread better than white bread for weight loss?”

Short answer:

If you eat the same amount, there’s no difference. However, the fibre in wholemeal bread MAY mean you eat less…but if it doesn’t, then it will not make you lose any more weight.

And a recent study backed this up, showing that some people responded better to wholemeal bread and others better to white bread with regards to the rate at which it ‘spikes your blood sugars’

And check out what our friends in lab coats said:

“The findings for this study are not only fascinating but potentially very important, because they point toward a new paradigm: different people react differently, even to the same foods” Eran Elinav

They went on to say:

“To date, the nutritional values assigned to food have been based on minimal science, and one-size-fits-all diets have failed miserably.”

Which is exactly why I teach you how to assess and adjust your food intake to learn what works for you…

So you can stop blaming yourself for failing on yet another cookie-cutter diet.

Because what you assess can be managed.

And if you’re willing to put the work in, check in with me every week, and reach out to me and the other like-minded ladies when you’re stuck…

Then my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme may be for you.

Helping Busy Ladies Get Their Bodies Back- For Good!

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