Dieting lessons from your smartphone

It’s easy to wake up and feel that the world you live in is all doom and gloom. Fires, terrorism, crime, poverty, death etc. These are all terrible, terrible things.

The news makes us well aware of this stuff. And how does this make you feel? Angry? Depressed? “What’s the point?”, “everything is rubbish”…”the world’s gone mad”.

Which – as you’d probably agree – does nothing for your mood, thoughts, beliefs, mindset and behaviours, right?

But what if you woke up to be told that poverty was at an all time low thanks to food technology initiatives?

That​​​ the cost of communication and energy was the lowest it’s been thanks to technology?

That ​​​it’s easier than ever to travel the world and explore?

Th​at doctors are now able to spot things like malaria in 7 seconds compared to 30 minutes thanks to an online shooting game put out to the public online?

​​​And the fact you have access to MORE information and data than Bill Clinton did when he was president!

My point?

When you focus on the doom and gloom in the world, it dampens your drive, creativity and motivation to invest in yourself and your future. I mean, why would you invest in the future if it’s all doom and gloom?

But what might happens if you were to shift your mindset to believing that the future is bright and that you have access to more information and knowledge than ever to get the things you want?

And for me, it comes back down to focussing your time, energy and emotions on what you CAN control:

what you think / how you respond to other ​and situations

Rather than what you can’t ​control:

The weather, what others say / do to you, traffic, the news etc.

Imagine if you just put you first?

What would be different?

Where do you spend the majority of your time, energy and emotions?

Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently About Dieting

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