So can I eat as much fat as I like?

‘Matt, you keep answering the same questions. Yawn. Can you stop sending me emails’

A message I got yesterday.

Now, I used take messages like this personally. 

I would actually let them make or break my mood for the day

And this could even result in me being ‘snappy’ with loved ones (crazy, right?)

But, now?

Well, I know what I want to do…

Help people

Just like you

Who are confused about what and how much to eat to lose weight and feel better about themselves

To become more educated about this diet stuff

Waste less time doing the ‘fluffy’ stuff

And make better-informed, more intelligent decisions about food choices

Which – in turn – will mean you stop blaming yourself

And stop stopping.

Which is exactly why I provide the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom (it’s at the bottom of every email I send).

So that if you get fed up of me trying to help you

Or if I’m simply not for you

^^^ As I what I do really isn’t for everyone. It’s no quick-fix and does require that you do ‘some’ work.

You can unsubscribe!

Now, on to a more important message / question (s) I got this week.

“You mentioned that fats are good for you. 

Does this mean I can eat as much as I want? Which types are better? I’ve been following Lean in 15 and have found I’m eating a lot of good fat but not losing weight?”

^^^ A great question, particularly with the old’ Mediterranean diet continuing to steal the headlines with their olive oil, oily fish and…mozzarella!

But, just because something is ‘good’

It doesn’t mean MORE is better.

Just because you’ve got no carbs in a meal…

It doesn’t meant that having 2 avocados, 3 fried eggs and as many cashew nuts as you like for breakfast will mean you lose weight…

And here’s the exact acronym I use when teaching the diabetes stuff I do with the NHS with regards to FATs:


Because it’s not as simple as ‘fat is good for you’

Whether you eat the fat in an Oreo, a Catalan crème brulee, or a good old salmon fillet

Each gram of fat WILL give you the same amount of calories and energy

So, the Frequency and the Amount STILL matter.

Overeat and you WILL put on weight!

Now, as for the Types of fats

They can have an impact on your health markers and – potentially – weight loss

You’ve got the olive oils and avocados (AKA Mono-unsaturated fats)

^^^ Which have been shown to have a good impact on your cholesterol

You’ve got your cheese and animal fat (AKA saturated fats)

^^^ Which appear to actually be pretty neutral with regards to your cholesterol…

You’ve got your vegetable oils and nuts / seeds (AKA polyunsaturated fats)

^^^ Which if used at high heats, may not be so good for you (and are often easy to overeat…)

You’ve got your oily fish, like salmon and mackerel (AKA omega 3 fats)

^^^ Which we know can help your brain, joints, recovery and ability to use protein and get lean!

And finally – on this whistle stop tour – you have your trans fats (the evil guys)

^^^ Which are linked with everything from diabetes to heart disease and weight gain…unsurprisingly found in cakes, biscuits, some vegetable oils, and highly processed foods! Look out for hydrogenated oil (as they are sometimes called)

So, no, you can’t eat as much as you like, I’m afraid.

But there are bettER Types you can have when it comes to your fats.

Do you have any oily fish, nuts, avocados, or olives / olive oil?

Do you have find yourself overeating fats?

^^^ regarding nuts and peanut butter…I’m guilty!

Do you find yourself feeling like a slave to the combination of sugar and fat?

^^^ AKA cake! Ask yourself when you find yourself going for the cake. Are you tired? Stressed?

Best wishes,

Matt ‘yawn’ Fruci

PS. I’ll be reviewing my recent trip to Rick Steins new place in Marlboorugh soon (where I went with the in-laws at the weekend).

It was my first time so I can guarantee you that I haven’t answered the question of whether I enjoyed his food before 😉

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