Which stage are you?

Where are you on the emotional cycle of change?😀

As you can see, we start off with this uninformed optimism, only to get a reality check in Stage 2 where perhaps the reality hits of having to get up early for a workout. 

Then we hit Stage 3 (the valley of despair). perhaps you are feeling tired, like you have a mountain to climb, things are not changing, it does not seem worth it and to top it off, you feel like you are missing out (as everyone else keeps telling you). This is the moment where the breakthrough happens. 

What you do today, you are more likely to do tomorrow and so on. This is where we have to push through to success or choose to ‘be normal’….which was hard anyway, right?

When you consider what “normal” is…

“it is not normal to get up and exercise before work”

“it is not normal to bring in a salad

at lunch time”

“it is not normal to bring in fruit as a snack”

“it is not normal to say no to a drink”

“It is not normal to count your calories”

When making any change towards a more healthier lifestyle, you are doing something that is NOT normal.

There is this peer pressure to fit in to the norm, especially between now and Christmas. 

And as hard as it can be, when you deviate from this, you may get this peer pressure or objections from others. But consider this, the average person in the UK is:

—> Not as fit as they would like to be

—> Stressed out

—> Tired

—> Unfulfilled

 —> Overweight

And taking you through these stages of change 

Is exactly what we do in our 100 Day Challenge 

To think differently and get different results with your relationship with food and exercise. 

To do the things that you know you need to do…

Specifically for women 40+, 50+, 60+, and 70+ 

(Message me with “100” and I’ll get you the details)


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