Change is hard. 

Not just from the physical changes with our actions 

But also the psychological changes.

I mean only these last few weeks have kids 4 years old 

Started school for the first time.

Mine included .

Quite a milestone in their life.

I remember many people saying to me that once they start school the years fly by.

And I’m feeling this with my eldest child too. 

But with this initial “big change”

Which can be scary for kids and parents.

Lots of breakthroughs come with it 

More independence 



And more challenges.. 

Thing is though 

These breakthroughs don’t happen without fear.

Yet the thing we need is often seen as a “bad” thing 

Eg “fear is bad”

So we are told…

But what if change NEEDED fear?

What if actually changing our habits for good needed this?

We have people starting our 100 Day Challenge right now

Worried if they’re going to be able to “make the most of it”


“Fit it in”


“Find the right nutrition and training plan”

Forgetting that

This comes through DOING

Because those who get the best results..

Take action 

Try things

And therefore collect data.

Collect data on what works and what doesn’t.

So we can tweak the plan for you.

Learn from “failures” 

And adapt as we go.

Which just so happens to be the secret to getting sustainable results 

(Rather than jumping from one thing to the next)


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