How to stop a “bad” habit …

You can apply this to any habit you want to change. 

Let’s take this one:

“The scales have gone up and I’ve been really good, what’s the point?”

And we binge, sabotage, skip doing the things we know we need to do to get the results we want.

And I want to remind you of this next time you see the scales go up…

Step 1:

Remind yourself: 

You can’t make body fat from calories that are not there 

^^ read that again 

What it means is that if you’ve done everything right?

Ignore it. 

Either ditch the scales or

Weigh daily, add them all up over the week, and then divide that number by 7 to give you an average over the week. You can then compare week on week. 

Step 2:

If you keep doing the so-called “bad” habit…

Ask yourself

What are the benefits of doing this “bad” habit?

Write them down.

Acknowledge them.

Accept them.

Challenge them.

Better understand them. 

There must be some benefit you “think” you’re getting from sabotage..

Or we wouldn’t do it.


You’re not powerless…

Ask the right questions 

So you can think differently about this health, fitness, sabotage and fat loss stuff 


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