“Where the hell did she learn to do that?”

“Where the hell did she learn to do that?”

^^ My thoughts when I see my daughter (who’s not even 2..) do some seemingly random things..

They say kids are your biggest teachers, right?

Here’s a few things I’ve learnt  …without really knowing I do it haha

1. I throw washing down the stairs because it’s easier than trying to carry a baby and washing at the same time – now my nearly 2 year old daughter enjoys throwing washing and clothes own the stairs…oops!

2. I sometimes eat standing up and on the go – I sometimes grab a bit of cheese, an apple, etc as a snack…yet I tell my daughter she has to sit down to eat <<< hypocrite, Matthew …

3. When the camembert is nearly finished, I dip my finger in to get the scraps out the bottom –>  now my daughter does it…

4. I spend a lot of time sweeping up – my daughter loves sweeping up. It’s like a game haha

5. I’m quite good at squatting – I’ve started doing some yoga at home (I also workout from home a lot as I can do daddy day care at the same time) and my daughter copies me…

6. I didn’t know the words to twinkle twinkle little star – my wife pulled me up when singing it to my daughter…I said ‘up above the sky so high’ instead of ‘up above the world so high’ hahah

And this leads me to my ONE tip for you today:

Imagine someone is watching you…

Would you do the same things that you do?

It’s probably why having a picture of family / loved ones on your fridge may help you slow down , especially when you’re in that mood where you’re just raiding the cupboards / fridge looking for food

To give you that ‘high’ after a long, rubbish day…

Sneaking in the chocolates (and hiding the wrappers)…

Or even having to buy more snacks because you’ve eaten them already…

y point?

Well, I cannot expect my daughter to do ANYTHING that I am not wiling to do myself.

If I want my daughter to want to play outside? I need to play outside

If I want my daughter to eat vegetables? I need to eat vegetables

If I want my daughter to talk to me? I have to put my phone down and be present..look her in the eye and not let my stresses / worry dictate how you respond to her…

If I want my daughter to enjoy cooking? I have to cook myself…

If I want my daughter to love herself? I have to practice self care and look after me…otherwise am I essentially teaching her not to value herself?

I could go on…

My point is that you can’t expect anyone else to do anything that you’re not willing to do yourself.

And when you approach day to day like this, you can become self aware of what you do….almost subconsciously…

And self awareness seems to be the first step in building, long-lasting sustainable habits that lead to results that last..

Be it with your relationships

Your energy to make every day tasks easier

Your health…

Your body shape you can enjoy clothes shopping again 


your fitness to be able to do the things you want to do without worrying about being out of breath

Matt ‘twinkle twinkle’ Fruci

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