When to quit

The worst part about this New Years diet stuff?

They tell you to do the SAME things.

The same things (only this time covered in organic kale) that got the same results as this year

and 2016 and 2015 and 2014 and so on and so on..

They tell you that doing MORE when your plate is already FULL is the only answer. 


MORE starvation, crash diets...

^^ all on top of your busy work and home life

So it's not wonder that it's confusing...and that you've lost trust in this diet and fitness industry. 

Because you know what?

I have, too. 

I'm part of a health & fitness industry which is failing you.

Scaring you away from gyms by making it all elitist full of lycra and bearded guys.

Making you think that 'I'm too fat to start and I'll come see you when I'm fitter, Matt' <<< This is what I get a lot...

Worried that you'll fail again because you couldn't stick to your last diet.

Making you think that this toning up stuff has to be this 'all or nothing' chore that needs all of your attention and willpower 

When in reality? 

You just want to feel healthier, better about yourself, get slimmer, have more time for YOU, and make this toning up stuff a way of life. 

And - of course - enjoying getting all the comments from your friends and family asking how you slimmed down at your next social event without counting a single point or syn....

So how about this?

Me and you.. we make a pinky promise.

Right now


Get committed to doing LESS

and we QUIT doing the stuff that holds us back from getting what we want...

We forget what the old lycra-filled exercise dvd's used to tell us about  "Winners Never Quit"


QUIT giving up your favourite foods and depriving yourself

QUIT beating yourself up and thinking F it after having one 'bad' day (your thoughts about the 'bad' day will result in actions that will do more harm than the bad day in itself)

QUIT putting everyone and thing else before you (leaving you with no 'me' time <<< this is your life by the way)

QUIT wasting time and energy on things you can't control (like the weather, traffic, what others say to you or about you) so you can spend more time on YOU, your health and your family and friends. 

QUIT worrying about 'if it will work for me' or 'what others will think'

QUIT giving yourself permission to self sabotage

QUIT thinking that you don't deserve the body you want

And remember ONE thing:

"He who has their health has 1000 dreams. He who doesn't, has 1"

Because I'm guilty of taking this is all for granted, too. 

But the best part?

IT ALL involves doing less....IF you focus on the stuff that MATTERS. 

You'll have more energy and time for YOU.

You can wow your friends and family at social events in your new favourite clothes, and finally make 2018 the year you ditch the fad diets for good. 

Speaking of which...

My 7-Day Rapid Shape Up Shift is actually all about getting you to simplify this slimming down stuff. 

So that you can worry less about what and when to eat

and make this toning up stuff a way of life. 

go here:


Matt 'quitter' Fruci
Fruci Fit

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