62% of Brits wouldn’t do this even if their life depended on it

I’ve spoken before about how despite you often blaming yourself for not having the ‘willpower’ or ‘motivation’...

to leave your house and go to a place you often resent to exercise…

it’s actually a very UNATURAL THING to do. 

When else would you leave CHOOSE to leave your house to do something you don’t enjoy?

Get changed in a sweaty gym. 

Get blasted by someone in lycra who knows nothing about you, your lifestyle, or the fact it’s your first time there…

You see, you’re not lazy

you’re just in line with 96% of us out there who are thinking of FUN stuff to do in the evening with your family rather than spending 2 hours in a gym 

(the average time spent travelling to the gym, exercising, showering in a gym and travelling home)

 And it's why I try to make this toning up stuff a little bit more laid back.

I mean, here's a list of the few tone up challenges we've done in my Shift Project:

* Christmas Monopoly

* The ReinBeer Pong Challenge

* The World's Worst Advent Calendar

And it's really humbling to hear ladies say things like 

"I never thought I'd look forward to exercising"


"I don't even notice that I'm exercising"

Because the truth is, I don't even like exercising. 

I like having exercised. As in, I like having done it already. 

It make me feel good. Better about myself. Creates energy for my day. Helps me stay fit. In shape. Healthy.

^^ (Although the key part of this toning up stuff is what you eat)

But doing it?

I have to find ways to make it fun. 


Trick myself. 

As I'm doing now. Tricking myself into just focussing on setting an example to my daughter. 

So I don't need to tell Ottilie to eat her fruit and veggies. She can see dad doing it and make her own decision.  

I don't need to tell Ottilie to exercise. She can see dad doing it and make her own decision. 

But I'm not going to pretend I know what you're going through and the challenges you face. 

As I don't know.

But what I will challenge you to do is to make it fun.

After all, life's too short.

And if you fancy a game of Reindeer Pong

To help you get more toned, make 2018 the year you ditch the yoyo dieting fads, and have more fun doing it?

Then you might be a good fit for my 7-Day Rapid Shape Up Shift

I only have 3 spaces left.


PS. I can't make any promises. 

But, I will say this:

I'd be very surprised if anyone who does my 7-Day Rapid Shape Up Shift didn't lose some unwanted fat and walk away with several simple eating habits they can use even on their busiest, most stressful day to slim down and make this toning up stuff a way of life.

A bold claim?

I suppose it is. 

But I stand by every word.

To learn more, go to:


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