When did you decide on that?

So I got this message from Suzanne last week:

“I definitely benefit from being in a group in terms of motivation so that’s key for me”

The reason I’m bringing this up?

Well, one of the other ladies in the group on that SAME day…

Did a plank for 48 seconds…

Now before you judge this…

And perhaps so ‘I could never do that’

She too…

Could not do that…

In fact, she did her first plank a few weeks before and got to 25 seconds which was amazing..


She came to the session with other like-minded ladies.

And did it 48 seconds.

My point?

We often define ourselves to be a certain way…

‘too unfit’

‘I have no willpower’

“I can never stick to anything”

‘I’m rubbish”

‘I could never do that”​​​​​​​​​​

Yet when did we define ourselves this way?​​

And does believing this thought serve you?

So today, I just want to challenge you to..

Be a bit curious…

Wouldn’t it be fun to find out if you CAN do it?

Matt ‘curious’ Fruci

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