What’s the best exercise to lose weight and ditch the muffin top?

“What’s the best exercise to do to lose my muffin top? Is there an exercise I should be doing?”

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First off, given that 80% of us don’t actually hit the recommended amount of exercise per week? 

I’m not here to moan about ANY type of exercise.

After all, you will get benefits from ANY exercise…providing that you do it (which I know is harder said than done with life, knee / joint issues, intimidating gyms, not knowing what and when to do etc.).

BUT…I still want to give you my biased opinion on this matter backed up by research (Which means it is EVEN MORE biased):

1. Do what you enjoy…you’re more likely to stick to it

2. Fit it into your daily routinewe live in a world where -pretty much for the first time in human history – we can do our ‘jobs’ and go about life with little movement…which is why it is hard to motivate yourself to do exercise. As it is NOT actually a natural thing.

It’s why little things like parking further away, doing some squats whilst emptying the dishwasher and trying out these ‘daddy day care’ shuttles can help lol

3. Quickies are better 😉 It doesn’t have to last long to be effective. After all, I managed to become a dad… and You’re less likely to put it off and time is often something you say you lack…

4. Now for my biased opinion backed by the European Journal Of Internal Medicine (which means it is even more biased)

Do some kind of muscle strengthening exercise, like squatting and PLANKS FOR THE MUFFIN TOP, resistance band work, and even push ups with your hands on the kitchen side whilst waiting for the Alexa to boil the kettle for you (start small, think big)


Well, they showed that the more muscle strength people had was inversely related to mortality..

and there was a strong link between muscle strength and cardiovascular disease, artery disease, cancer, renal failure,  pulmonary disease, rheumatoid arthritis and patients with critical illness. 

So, there you have it. and i

But don’t forget. the nutrition side of losing weight and toning up is about 80% of this. That’s not to say exercise isn’t important. It will help you fit your clothes better and feel good

^^^ and everything is easier when you feel good, right?

But I get that its hard to motivate yourself, which is why we have such a focus on giving you the support and tools to do the things you know you need to do to get what you say want…

Mainly by giving you quick and simple 5 minute workouts, up to 3 sessions with me every week, being part of a supportive group with like-minded ladies, and simplifying the food side of things so your meals and shopping list for the week planned and sorted in minutes…

you can learn more about our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme here

Matt ‘quickie’ Fruci​

PS. I sum up all this ‘best’ exercise stuff in this video here​

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