How Ruth dropped 2 dress sizes in 8 weeks

Got this message from Ruth last week and wanted to share with you because there’s been nothing crazy about what Ruth has done.

No secret potions, special teas, random organic ingredients, or lycra…

and I get that with what they say in the media that it sounds like you HAVE to avoid carbs after 6pm, ditch sugar, never eat avocado, use coconut oil, eat breakfast, fast…I could go on.

Basically, it sounds like its all or nothing and that there are loads of rules you have to follow.

The reality?

​​Just be a little better than YOU were yesterday and regardless of what anyone says, you’ll be better than YOU were yesterday (which is all that really matters)

^^^ Crazy how we often stop doing the things we know we need to do because of expectations nearly always related to what someone else has achieved? Which has nothing to do with you?

Anyway, here’s what Ruth said:​​​​​​​​​​​

​​”What can I say only ‘THANK YOU MATT’. I joined Matt about 8 weeks ago having not ever done any fitness or slimming classes before.

​​The ladies are welcoming and lovely, Matt is relaxed and simply brilliant-

​​I have lost my ‘muffin top’ dropped two dress sizes feel healthier and enjoy my fitness.

​I can recommend Fruci Fit to anyone and everyone- its changed my way of living for the better and feel wonderful.”

And probably my favourite part?​​

​​​​”Its not a diet, its simply thinking differently and fittening up-brilliant.”


Because on a diet you’re ALWAYS stressing about losing weight. And if ever a week goes by when you haven’t dropped a lb, you fail?

When actually, you still kept it off, you might have lost a few inches from your waistline, your watch is a little looser, and your belt is down a notch…

Yet, some scales mean you fail?


Anyway, if you want to join Ruth and the other ladies (you can read some of the other stories here)

We do have 2 spaces for Monday to trial our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme for 7-days

Click below to apply:


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