A scary lesson I learnt from my daughter

So the other week, my daughter was there happily playing on her own with her ‘toy’ kitchen (no stereotyping lol).

But I get this ‘need’ (or think I do) to take her out somewhere. Like we should ALWAYS be doing something.

And it got me thinking why this is 🤔

​​Kids are our biggest teachers, after all.

You see, I’ve noticed that I actually struggle to relax and just ‘be’..

I’m always thinking about the ‘next thing’ I could be doing..

* Getting a wash load in full of baby clothes stained with beetroot, peas, and pasta sauce

* emails

* Recording new 5 minute workouts for the ladies on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme

* Tidy up the kitchen

* Prepare dinner

* Work


When in reality, it all gets done, whether I worry about it now or not. It always does.

Whether I choose to waste time and energy worrying about it or not…

But where does this come from?

1. What I think I should be doing?

2. What I think others think I should be doing?

3. Expectations I have on myself

^^^ Which are all made up and can actually stop me doing what I want to do

4. What others are doing​
It’s exhausting, right?

And it’s the same when trying to lose weight…

we’re always ​​thinking about the future. 

‘What if I find it hard?’

‘What am I going to do if I have a holiday?’

‘What will my other half think when he knows I’m trying something else to lose weight?’​​

​​​​’What if​​ it doesn’t work?’

And here’s the thing. If you’re not happy where you are now? Then if whatever you try doesn’t work then guess what?

​​you’ll still be in the same place you are now?

But…you’d have learnt a hell of a lot more about what doesn’t work for you…

So you can do more of what works for you and your lifestyle. ​​​​

It’s why a big part of what we do in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme is about putting you first

(that’s what the Focus part of our Fitness, Food and Focus System is all about).

Slowing down enough so you can respond to the situation rather than go down the ‘F it’ mindset route

^^^ which is a bit like driving 300 miles, getting stuck at a red light, and turning around and going home…

Because in truth?

You probably know what to do. there’s enough diet books out there, right? And if it’s not a knowledge problem, then it’s probably a mindset issue. 

Anyway, I’ve got one space left for the free 7-day trial on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme starting tomorrow.

If you think it might be for you, click below:



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