What’s the best exercise for burning calories?

Is it weight training?

Is it running?

Is it walking?


Core work?

But are we asking the wrong question here?

Is exercise actually meant to just burn calories or are we focussing on the wrong thing here?

Should we see exercise to give us the ability to: 

💪 Get stronger so you can lift things up and be more independent 

💪 Build strength to have the confidence to keep up with the kids and grandkids and say “yes” to the things you want to do 

❤️ improve your cardiovascular fitness so your heart becomes stronger and more efficient so we can walk up hills and still hold conversations 

😀 To improve your quality of life and reduce risk of diseases (independent of calories burned)

I could go on.

But my answer to this question?

Increase your NEAT


Your non exercise activity thermogenesis. 

Which refers to the movement you do outside of structured exercise like a Fruci Fit workout or a run or a walk for example. 

This could refer to standing a bit more, fidgeting, walking whilst doing other things like being on the phone / chatting with someone, doing small workouts like our Fruci Fit 1 minute workouts whilst boiling the kettle (reply with “1 minute” and I’ll send you a 1 minute workout).

I could go on.

And I did a video on this here: https://fb.watch/k_wsxX7pvk/ 

How will you increase your NEAT today?


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