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What’s the alternative?

So I got this message yesterday (see my image in post)

And it got me thinking…

It’s a good question…I don’t know how you stay say enthusiastically on message, 

but it’s actually quite simple. 

Because I see what happens when people truly apply what I say, including me, in my own experience aka when I do the things I know I need to do ..

let alone everyone else. 

Not just how it could impact one person’s life..

but their whole family.

And that, is too important not to get enthusiastic about. I just can’t not share that….

Every day, sometimes multiple times 😆 

And this message I got sent yesterday 

Is the exact reason why I show up everyday 

With a blog

An email 

A video 

A podcast..

Because what could be different in your life today if you did more of what you know you should do?

How did you feel when you last did more of what you said you would do?

Let me ask a question:

What would you need from me to do more of what you know you need to do?