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Come on, Boris

So today is the day

That Boris is set to make an announcement 

About what’s happening with the restrictions 

Hairdressers (I’m in desperate need)




Gyms And private studios like ourselves 

All hoping for the best..

Not to mention 

Summer holidays 🌞

It’s been an interesting time…

They’re even debated in parliament 

Whether fitness and health facilities should be “essential” given the impact on physical, mental and metabolic health 

And the the higher risk factors associated with poor health and Covid. 

But it got me thinking….

You see, the kids (2 and 4 years old)

Will use the language “I can’t” quite a lot…

I get it.

It’s frustrating being a toddler where you want to put your trousers on 

But can get your foot in…YET

You want to scooter really fast up a hill, but you can’t do it…YET

You want to drive the car but you can’t…YET 😆 

I could go on…

And what I keep doing is add..

“yet” to the end of the “I can’t” …

Ask them: 

 “what do you say if you can’t do it?” 

To which I encourage

 “can you help me please?” 

And for me, this is huge..

Because they can either practice getting frustrated about not being able to do something and learn how to behave when things don’t go their way 


Remember they can’t do it YET


That they can ask for help to ensure they CAN learn or still do it…

But why is it

We accept that 

Babies will walk at their own pace 

Kids will be good at different things at school

Learn at different rates…

But then when it comes to weight loss, we have this specific number like:

“If I haven’t lost 1 stone by next month then…”

^^^ Which we have ZERO control over because you cannot control exactly what the scale does​​

That if we don’t hit, we might as well give up altogether?

May as well have not even started?

Can you imagine If I just said to my daughter who was a late crawler:

You know what, you should have been walking by now, so just don’t bother at all. You can crawl for the rest of your life”?

Because here’s the thing:

By setting goals like this, which are PURELY specific and NOT focussed on the process? you are essentially powerLESS…

You have basically given up ‘control’ of the situation <<< which us humans love / hate because it gives us this excuse / a story about how we tried and still failed (which makes us feel better now but  $#*! tomorrow)..

My advice to you:

1* set a specific goal (like a weight loss goal / dress size goal) << this is absolutely fine. BUT, don’t attach life and death feelings to it. If you didn’t quite hit your goal? You STILL have an outcome. You know what worked, right? You know maybe what you can improve, right? 

2* Focus on the things you CAN control. In our Kickstart we set 3 simple habits in the areas Food, Fitness, and Focus / self care .

^^^ 3 things that if you control? Will help you lose fat, have more energy, get fit and make 2021 a healthier 

My points here?

Control what you can today..

There’s things you might not be able to do…YET.

But there lots of things you can do…

(See the picture of this post)

And my second point?

If you want to achieve something, you can do it.

If you want to get fit, you can do it.

If you want to get healthy, you ca do it  

Ask for help if you’re struggling to do it..

Whether that’s a friend, family member or someone like us (coach, personal training or nutritionist) 

As the only other option 

Is to carry on doing what you are doing…

And if you’re happy with that?


If not, 

What’s going to happen 5 years from now if nothing changes?


Ps. Send over a message if want more information about our March Kickstart programme for ladies 40+