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See you there?

So so excited 

About the news on Monday..

We can open our private ladies only studios in Marlborough and Devizes back up from 

April 12th and start our outside ladies only sessions back from March 29th….

To go alongside our coaching sessions from home (which will be here to stay)..

I’ll admit..

I have never been more excited..

Well, it kind of takes me back to when we first started…

Feels a bit like the start again…

I was just personal training at the time in a gym..

Mainly working with women (and the occasional other half too)

When something became REALLY apparent…

Basically, I’d train them..

They’d feel super motivated

And then they would do nothing else in the gym

Mainly because they were too intimidated..

Or did not have the plan or support or the community of like minded ladies around them ..

One of the ladies actually had a panic attack in the gym I was at once…

And she asked if I could train her at her house.

Then her friend wanted to join in..

And the rest was history..

We started renting some space to do our ladies only Kickstart..

And here we are now….

No more worrying about needing loads of equipment in an intimidating gym…

When you feel everyone is look at you…

Where you worry ‘I will be the most unfit’

‘I will look silly’

‘I’ll be too big’…

‘Am I doing it right?”

I remember one of the ladies telling me that she would just do the same thing over and over at the gym.

On the cross trainer as it was hidden away and she could just keep herself to herself..

And she just found it soooo boring. 

It’s why I had to do something a bit different..

I decided to launch a programme specifically for ladies over 40…

So the intensity, 




Can all be bespoke for you..

I count myself as very fortunate to be able to still

Deliver our live sessions for our members. 

And now reach even more ladies..

From Ireland to Scotland to Devizes to Australia to Calne to Swindon to Pewsey to Yorkshire to Marlborough to Westbury to Chippenham to Trowbridge to Tidworth to Hungerford to Warminster

But it just feels a bit weird.

I remember back in 2014 when we first started our programme our ladies only programmes…

No kids at the time..

Had just got married…

And I just had this vision to create the best ladies only programme in Wiltshire [specifically for ladies over 40]..

I wanted to make it non-intimidating

Somewhere that people who never thought they could find somewhere comfortable to get fit and heathy could go.

And find themselves surprising themselves by actually sticking to it.

For ladies to make friends, not be judged, speak to expert trainers, coaches, nutritionists, dietitians, yoga teachers, pilates teaches, 

And get amazing results.

To become stronger – physically and mentally

More confident. 

To overcome adversity..

And for the past 7 years or so ..

^^ even after many times of self doubt…

It’s surpassed what I could ever have imagined…

I absolutely love my work

And I still love delivering our live home workouts to all of our members 

[some of them are now able to exercise every day which is amazing…and we will be keeping live workouts from home going, too]


I am really looking forward to when those doors open up again

And we can see everyone in person too.

And holding our famous live events in person 🙂 

Just can’t wait..

Whether you want to make it convenient by doing the sessions from home

Or more personal by coming with us in person

There has never been a better time to start with our brand new 90 Day Kickstart Challenge for ladies 40+..

Beginning with small habits that you can fit into your lifestyle even on your worst days..

Which may just surprise you 

Like Nicola said yesterday

If you’d like to find our more, just send over a message and I will get you the details. 

And I will see you on the other side