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“What’s the 4-Week Kickstart?”

So whenever I share some of the results and stories from the ladies

( as I  have done recently with Caroline, Paulyne and co here:

I get more messages than ever..

some of which just saying ‘thank you’ for the messages and inspiration you send <<< which I love btw..thank you ☺


“What’s the 4-Week Kickstart?”

so let me cover that real quick:

* We start off with a Kickstart coaching and mentoring session where we’ll put together a step-by-step, day-by-day plan 

* Access to up to 3 (ladies only) workouts with per week designed to improve muscle tone and fitness, all adapted for your needs

* Accountability using our Big Brother 3F System to help you do what you said you would do and stick to it for good

* Private members area so you get access unlimited questions and coaching with me and the team

* Instant access to LIVE home workouts and yoga you can do anywhere, anytime with no equipment (even if you have a knee, hip or joint issue)

* Step by step, day by day support & mentoring to guide you through obstacles with your relationship with food, motivation & willpower

* A personalised nutrition plan and shopping list personalised for your lifestyle so you know what you’re eating and when (without having to give up your favourite foods and drink)

And this all works out

At £3.62 a day…..

(or a coffee)

and don’t forget.. FOR TODAY ONLY

I’m also throwing in>>

– A signed copy of my BRAND NEW book…The Thirty-One and a Half-Day Habit Shift

Today is the last day to get in on our Pre- Christmas 4-Week Kickstart Programme…

As our flexible start date is this week..

If you want more details 

Message me with ‘Marlborough’, Devizes’ or ‘Burbage

And I’ll take care of the rest


PS- if you have any questions? 

just send them over