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‘Should I do this?’

So everywhere you look right now

You have documentaries pretending to be nutritionists 

Friends and family saying ‘you shouldn’t eat that on a diet’

Magazines promoting vegan diets one minute

Carnivore the next

Then you have fasting and 5:2 diet

And low fat the week after…

On top of that..

You have slimming clubs promoting an emphasis on the scales once a week on an evening

Forgetting that it’s 

1 – a pretty unreliable measure as it can fluctuate 4lbs a day…

2 – if you’re someone that gets attached to the scales and it causes you to go into the F it mode… it could lead to you messing up your week

I could go on

But today I wanted to share a quick video I did on Facebook

(and something I also talked about during my guest lecture last week at Oxford Brookes University)

About overcoming overwhelm and the sheer amount of beliefs and emotion

Behind most diets out there

Which often override any science,..

Usually because when something works for a human being…

They can become very loyal to this..

But the issue with this?

What worked for Tom, Dick and Harry

May not work for you….

And your lifestyle.

^^^ and that is the secret, right there…

Like Kathy said the other week as she couldn’t make the sessions with looking after 4 grandkids 

So we set her some short 5 minute workouts to do at home…

Might not be optimal and perfect according to what a ‘magazine’ says…

But better is still better…

And if YOU get 1% better each day?

You win…

So here is the video anyway where I jump into this and show you how you can do this too:

Just like we are doing today

As our next 4-Week Kickstart Programmes for ladies over 40 in Marlborough, Devizes and Burbage…

Starts ☺

Matt ‘you vs you’ Fruci