No, you don’t have to do a 7-day detox…

‘I lost weight but it then it stopped working after 4 weeks and put the weight back on’

Something I get a lot from new Fat Loss Mastery members who’ve tried EVERYTHING before and ‘failed’.

You end up thinking you’re different

And I get it

Something works (like Cambridge or one of those 10 pounds in 5 days detoxes)

or you see a friend at the school gates who’s boasting about how they lost 10lbs in 3 days sipping on kale…

So you automatically think to do THAT (again, in some cases)

^^^ I did this many times with the ‘time to ditch the carbs as it’s Summer…’ <<< which can work but is not always necessary

Now, it’s no secret that “crash diets” can slow your metabolism down and mean that you burn less calories at rest.

But is this really the only reason why we struggle to lose weight and keep it off?

Not quite.

A big factor in this is something call NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis if you speak Latin 😉

This is the calories you burn from fidgeting, cleaning, using the stairs instead of the lift, rocking the baby to sleep, shopping, and – even – singing ‘I am the music man’ to my daughter

And not the calories you burn from eating, sleeping, and organised exercise (where you get in your lycra and do burpees to burn all those calories from the crash diet binge at the weekend…)

And it’s NEAT that can often explain why you can’t lose weight

^^^ even though you’re eating like a pigeon and giving up all of your favourite foods.

Because crash diets decrease your NEAT <<< it makes you move less.

Without knowing…

You might opt for the lift instead of the stairs.

Drive to the shops instead of walking.

Stop twitching your leg whilst sitting down (or doing pelvic floor exercises in the case of one member on my body transformation programme…)

Some research has even shown that the difference between an overweight twin and a lean twin is their “fidgeting” habits.

One is always on his feet and can’t sit still and the other is quite happy to sit there and play computer games…

And with this in mind….

What do you think might happen when you eat MORE?

Well, you might find yourself moving MORE

^^^ maybe not quite as fidgety as my daughter who does her non-stop kicking and punching in her nursery

And you COULD you end up losing more weight and TONING UP

I see this in a lot of cases with other members on my Fat Loss Mastery Programme.

But this is just another reason why exercise ALONE could be a poor way to ditch the love handles…

You do your spinning class or for for your walk

Feel great…

And then crash out for the rest of the day

^^^ which means you move less and – potentially – undo all that work

So, NEAT might just explain that gradual weight gain

^^^ something a member on my body transformation programme recently talked about as she’s gone back to work where she sits at a desk all day now her son is in nursery…

And this is just ONE obstacle that might be holding you back from getting back into those jeans and having the confidence to wear those shorts this Summer

If you want to discover the 7 biggest obstacles that are stopping you from getting your body back (and be shown how to overcome them)

The clock is ticking to register for my FREE seminar on Tuesday 9th May at Marlborough Golf Club 1830 – 1930

We’re down to 4 spaces

And as someone who obviously takes an interest in levelling up on your health

I wouldn’t want you to miss out​​​​​​

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Matt “taking the stairs” Fruci

PS. My wife says I talk too much (I just say I’m not a clear thinker…) but at least now I can say I’m just increasing my NEAT!

PPS. Tomorrow, I’m going to be telling you what happened to Rosie after she applied the evidenced-based principles I’ll be showing you – with the help of Fat Loss Mastery member, Cassie- at the seminar​​​

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