What’s best to eat at the buffet?

I confess…A lot of what I preach to you and – usually – do…sometimes goes COMPLETELY out of the window.

I find myself eating out of packets (which means you’ll eat more…)

Grabbing something on the go because ‘I didn’t make the time’ to prepare anything or sort dinner out as life took over…

And falling victim to the BUFFET..

(although a little less often now we have two babies)​​

No matter how good I say I’m going to be? I’ll eat more at a buffet.

Truth is, the more more choices you have? The more you eat…

But I don’t beat myself up about it. 

​​Because you and me are no different, here. We are wired to gauge on food…especially when out at an all-you-can-eat.

And a selection of tasty food, coupled with growing up in an environment where pleasing Nonna meant polishing off 5 plates of pasta…

Doesn’t make it an easy one for me, either.

But – just as one of the ladies I’m working with recently did – imagine if you applied 5 SIMPLE, yet scientifically backed principles that allowed you to go on holiday for 2 weeks, eat out every day (all day it feels like) and STILL come the same weight?

Well, here’s the 5 SCIENTIFICALLY BACKED strategies you can apply to help you take control of your eating when eating out:

1) Look around at the buffet FIRST before picking up a plate

2) Sit facing away from the buffet

3) Fill your first course with protein rich foods, like meats and beans, and tons of fresh veggies and salads to keep you full up

4) Drink a glass of water before each course

And my favourite: 

5) SLOW DOWN and appreciate those around you – This is one I’d often be guilty of overlooking. 

I’d usually be focussed on ​ the eating, going up and down to the buffet, and barely sitting down to talk with the family like you would at a traditional sit down meal. But with our daughter, it’s actually FORCED me to slow down…

And this has delays me going back up for my NINTH course…haha

Allowing my hunger hormones to set it in and tell my that…I AM STUFFED!

Simple, yet powerful tools, that if applied, could help kickstart your FAT loss results, help you develop a more positive and healthy relationship with food, AND still enjoy social events without feeling guilty…

Because – for me – socialising and eating out is a part of a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy it. So if you told me I had to give this up to get in shape and get healthy? I’d tell where to go…

Of course, comprises have to be made…

But – thankfully – these aren’t ‘all or nothing’ compromises 🙂


PS. You can grab a copy of my book on
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PPS. Check out some of the results that the ladies have achieved here: 

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