Questions I’ve had this week

So I’ve had a “boat load” (that’s what they say, right?)

of questions about our Fit For Life Body and Mind Transformation Challenge starting at the end of next week…

(Just in time for Christmas)

So I’m going clear some of them up  << email me right now if you have a question, by the way

1: “Do I have to live near you or travel?”

Nope. It can be done online or in-person depending on what you want. The result is the same. Ladies from all over the world have been on the programme…

You’ll be given lifetime access to our Shift Members Portal which is jam packed with trainings to inspire and educate you so that you know exactly WHY you eat the way you do AND what to do about it so that you feel like you’re in control of food, drink and exercise

2: “What diet do you use?”

It’s personalised for YOU. I’ll put together a PERSONALISED, bespoke nutrition program (with your input) based on YOUR preferences so that you can actually stick to it AND enjoy eating foods you love (which makes getting in shape and back into your favourite clothes much more simple)

3: “What does it cover?”

well essentialy… we set about making DRASTIC improvements across the 3 key areas that will help you to take back control of your eating habits and lifestyle.

Focus (your mindset and fun stuff to make you feel great)
Fitness (your energy levels, your body shape, how you fit your clothes and your health)
Food (your fat loss, healthy ageing, and positive relationship with food)

we create a plan together, then you execute said plan, with me (and awesome like-minded ladies) in your corner… making sure you do it (in the nicest possible way haha)

4: “will it take loads of time to do?”

You’ll get ​​simple 8 minute video workouts that you do anywhere, anytime (with no equipment)..

You can also get access to 3 sessions per week with me…​​

I’ll put your fitness and food plan together for you (with your input) and then you’ll need to report back to me every week so you can see what you need to do next to get better results and progress

(Imagine where you’ll be if you just got 1% better each day….)

But yes, you will have to make some changes. But you want to change, right?

5: “I know what to do already, will it work for me”

I think everyone knows what to do. In fact, if you did what you already know, you’d probably get great results…

Information does NOT equal transformation (Unfortunately)…

So, you’ll be given FREE lifetime access to our all of your training and nutrition programs so that you can maintain the results you’ll achieve working with me

I’ll also show you how to TRANSFORM your mindset so that you stop relying on willpower and keep going even when you don’t feel motivated with some very simple tools, techniques and strategies

6: “How do I start?”

It starts with a free trial where we’ll have a private 1-1 meeting.  We’ll work on putting a plan together that suits not only suits your lifestyle but also helps to overcome any obstacles and challenges that have stopped you getting the results you wanted in the past.


Just email me back with the subject line or message of “8 Week” so i can reply to you straight away

Matt ‘ready?’ Fruci

PS- One last one

“Does it work?” >>>>

well, I’m always collecting more data, but it’s based on the principles that the ladies have used here:

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