What to do on those ‘hungry’ days?

Is it hunger?

Like, real hunger?

Or is it “H-anger’ 

^^ as Mrs Fruci refers to as I get grumpy waiting for my dinner to arrive at a restaurant haha

Or is it boredom…



And cue the old:

Stress ==> tiredness ==> less prefrontal cortex activation which ==> poor dietary decisions and craving that sugary pick me up to give you that ‘feel good’ hormone boost!

^^^ Which then becomes a HABIT as your brain is a muscle and you have taught it that the craving is a coping mechanism for stress, tiredness and lack of energy?

Food for thought, right?

So – anyway – here’s 16 ways to beat your hunger pangs / boredom / emotional eating habits (and I’ve saved the best until last for you):

1) Drink more water – Are you mistaking hunger for thirst?

2) Get out of the kitchen – For every 4 minutes EXTRA spent in the kitchen, you’ll eat an extra 80 calories of food 

3) Eat your protein – Protein is THE most filling nutrient. Are you eating enough? Meats, eggs, fish, dairy, legumes, protein powders and beans all good sources

4) Try sugar free drinks – Now, I’m not saying fizzy drinks are great for you, but pick your ‘poison’. If having a diet drink / low cal hot chocolate stops you going for the cake every night (or afternoon), then it’s probably going to be better for you! 

Want a better option? Try sparkling water with a slice of lemon! 

5) Eat your veggies – They’re full of fibre which keeps you full. Plus, the antioxidants boost your immune system, give you more energy and help you fight off common illnesses!

6) Have a coffee – Drink coffee. Preferably only 1-3 caffeinated ones per day as I don’t want you wired on caffeine all of the time and struggling to sleep. 

BUT, coffee – both decaf and caffeinated – can be a great way to suppress hunger and overcome ‘habitual eating’ <<< where you eat when you’re bored / emotionally stressed! It’s also full of antioxidants…

In fact, most fad diets use CAFFEINE as their main hunger suppressant…but charge you more than your average Costa (crazy…)

7) Look at when you pick and notice the environment- 

if it’s right when you get home from work, could you go for a walk straight away to wind down from the stress of the day?

8) have 6 protein snacks handy – tinned beans, fish, eggs, cooked chicken, yoghurt, even a babybel..make it easy to make healthy choices

9) skip breakfast.…sounds strange, but for some people I work with? breakfast makes them hungry…

10) eat breakfast- 

yep…some people feel more full up with breakfast. Try yoghurt or eggs to increase protein  (this might fill you up)

11) Are you eating too little, too often? You may never be satisfied when leaving the kitchen table. Perhaps try eating bigger meals, less often.

12) “I want something to snack between meals” – how long does the urge last for? are you hungry or bored? how are you feeling?

13) Are you eating ENOUGH? 

You might simply not be eating enough so – surprise, surprise – you feel hungry. Perhaps you need to focus on something else other than trying to eat less all of the time and beating yourself up failing…and binging?

Perhaps, give yourself a little more to eat to make it more simple?

14) Go for a walk – this not only makes you feel better (because you get outside and away from all of those pointless emails…)

it can also stop you from feeling hungry and give your hunger hormones time to go down after eating a meal! It’s also a great way to catch up with a friend.

15) set up your environment to make it easy – if you know your trigger time is when you finish work and get home? 

Could you have a snack like some fruit in the car on the way home? go for a walk when you first get in to wind down from work and control the stress eating?

16) Know that YOU are in control of your hands – It’s your choice. Everything you do is your choice. 

Are you missing out if you are aligning your actions with how YOU want to look and feel?


these can only work if you try them…

so pick one today…

Matt ‘hangry’ Fruci

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