Consider this before think F it

So one of the ladies on our Fit For Life programme shared an update last week and

Given how easy it is to “give up” and think F it  when you 

don’t see the results you want 

I thought I’d share it with you today: 

“Hi ladies, just thought I’d share this little thought with you. 

So often I judge my progress by the size of my clothes! 

My goal 12 weeks ago was to fit into my size 14 comfortably. 

Well I managed that and more. 

However this is the difference between 2 pairs of jeans in a 12. 

Had I just tried on the first pair I would have walked away despondent, however the second pair fitted beautifully. 

Both pairs from the same make. So my lesson last week was that it’s ok to look at clothes size but I need, more importantly, to take more note of my progress and change in shape

,  all clothes do is cover that,  and ensure I don’t get arrested walking down the street😂. Happy weekend all. “

So firstly, well done Katherine for exceeding her goal of fitting into size 14 clothes comfortably and 

Now fitting in to size 12👏👏

But secondly

I hope what you take from this

Is that numbers are just numbers 

Be it scales, dress size or those machines that tell your body fat and BMI…

Truth is, these can HELP you see your Progress 

But do not tell you the whole story.

After all, you can fluctuate 4lbs in a day based on salt, water, hormones, sleep, stress etc

And this is exactly why we focus on DAILY HABITS in the areas of food, fitness and focus inside 

our 4-Week Kickstart Coaching Programme.

Because when you focus on what you are doing TODAY 


The things you can control…

The results take care of themselves 

Just like Kathryn mentioned. 

So don’t let a number dictate how you feel…

After all

What if you were one day away from seeing the results you wanted?

More energy?

Feeling fitter and less out of breath?

Be curious…

Wouldn’t it be fun to find out?

So just focus on what you can DO today to get closer to where you want to be …

Even if it’s 1% closer

They all add up 

Small habits, compound effect (my phone does predictive text on that quote I say it so much)

Matt “small habits, compound effect” Fruci 

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