Kevin & Perry Go Large

So right now

Things seem to be moving fast..

I can’t actually believe my daughters are now 2 and a half…

And 9 months…

Where has that time gone?

It was true what they said about your kids

‘growing up so fast’

Sounds cliché, but how true is that?

I just look at my older daughter sometimes

And can’t quite believe we are having a conversation..

She used to just talk baby language one year ago haha

And I was chatting to one of the ladies about this on our coaching programme

About just one day she thought:

“How do I have teenagers?”

She said it was like – all of a sudden – her kids were adults who knew it all haha

It’s like at the click of a finger…

You’ve got a Kevin and Perry (if you have never watched the movie…please don’t watch)

Teenagers saying:

“That is soooo unfair. I am not your slave” haha

Why am I sharing this?

Well, as I see my daughters everyday (which I am incredibly grateful for)

I can’t really tell you exactly what changes every day..

It’s harder to notice when you see someone everyday, right?

But something IS changing every day, even if it is just 1%…

But as well know?

These 1% things add up…

(to Kevin and Perry if you’re not careful)

So what I want you to do today is to

Think about the thing you can do today to move 

Forward by 1% today

And I know you might still not see the value of this 1% strategy 

(perhaps due to the media and the ‘all or nothing’ dieting mindset they promote)

I’ll leave you with a quote from a book I am reading (The Daily Stoic):

“Think about all the small choice that will roll themselves out in front of you today? 

Do you know which are the right way and which are the easy way? 

Choose the right way and watch as all these little things add up towards transformation…”

This could be with choosing water over a juice?

Doing 10 squats whilst brushing your teeth today? 

Going for a walk at lunchtime?

Spending 3 minutes to just focus on your breathing and take some time for you?

Whatever it is…

These small things, which seem insignificant

Really do add up…

So make the most of today

Own your day

Never stop prioritising yourself

And have a little look in the mirror along the way…

Oh, and don’t be surprised when people ask you how you did it

and you struggle to really put a finger on what you actually did

because all you did was just 

show up…


Matt ‘1% closer everyday’ Fruci

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