What to do if you’re a picker…

I was chatting to a new member using my Tone Up System the other day. She mentioned that she would 'pick' all day and 'not really eat much as she was so busy with work.

So - rightly so - she was really confused why she hadn't lost weight over the last 6 months. 

But it just so happens that by skipping meals, fearing that 'bread was bad', and that she 'couldn't have pasta'..

She'd let herself get so hungry that she'd pick at crisps, nibble at the biscuits in the office and grab fruit on the go (which isn't necessarily a bad thing)

But when WE put together her plan (notice how I said WE as If I simply give you a plan, you'll look for ways why it won't work for you as it has to fit your lifestyle)

We found that if she took control of her 'picking habits', she could have her pasta dish or chicken sandwich at lunch...and still lose weight. 

It was quitte hard for her to get her head around it as it 'seemed' like she was eating more <<< and this goes against what those starvation diets tell you that you have to do to lose weight and tone up AKA eat like a pigeon.

But here's the thing.

From doing this, she:

* Was more full up (which meant she wasn't thinking about food all day)

* Felt she could concentrate better and was more productive with her day (fewer sugar crashes)

* Had more energy (which meant she had more 'willpower' to do the things she knew she had to do to lose weight and tone up)

* Lost 2 lbs in week and CMs from her waistline even though she felt like she was eating MORE...

And the science backs this up.

As consistency with your meals appears to help your hunger hormones tell you that you are full up.

So, maybe the French were right all along about enjoying your food at meal times rather than picking anything on the go...

Anyhoo, dive in here if you want to learn more from me, tone up and fit back into your favourite clothes WITHOUT giving up bread, pasta or cheese..cake:


Matt 'make it a brie-lliant day' Fruci
Fruci Fit
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