Why Muscle Toning Matters

"eating right" sometimes isn't enough. Well, that's according to a recent research coming out.

Now, of course, your diet is KEY to losing weight and slimming down. But something I see happen so often with what they tell us with all these detox diets out there, is the NEGLECT of an effective fat burning fitness routine - which I will define in a minute for you.

But first, here’s why toning up your muscles actually matters, 

You see, the process of toning up your muscles (through an effective fat burning fitness routine) will increase your  energy and motivation -- this in turn gives you an increased amount of willpower to do the “other stuff”; namely, 'eat right' and handle SUGAR better (which can help prevent Type 2 diabetes)

Not only this, effective fat burning muscle toning routines also lead to...you guessed it...toned up muscles -- this in turn leads to greater confidence and excitement and magnificently increases your chances of actually being able to keep the weight off forever and get back into your size 12 clothes (no matter how long it's been)

And theres more. Effective fat burning muscle toning routines increase your 'feel good' endorphins and balances hormones -- this in turn can increase your ability to manage the stress of life (no matter how many emails you have in your inbox tomorrow..not to mention the food and pile of washing building up), and less of an impulse to make “worse” decisions. 

And this ALSO leads to better sleep, which further leads to increased energy, more 'willpower', etc, etc.I could go on

So what now, we must ask, IS an effective fat burning muscle toning fitness routine?

Well, here are my principles:

1. It makes you stronger so you can make every day tasks easier and promote muscle tone, it makes you fitter so you're less breathless going up stairs and going about your day, and it increases your mobility so you feel like doing more (can you see how these all interact?)

2. You do it for the LEAST amount of time that is effective (so you can keep your 'tools in the toolbox' and make this sustainable) 

3. Not all of your workouts have to be INTENSE (half -assed is better than no assed...sometimes it's case of doing ANYTHING you enjoy and ...moving!)

4. IT HAS TO BE FUN, CONVENIENT AND PRACTICAL FOR YOU (otherwise you won't even do it...and as the saying goes? The best programme in the world is the on you DO)

And these are the EXTACT principles the ladies use in my Tone Up System.

It's really flattering to hear the ladies say to me how much they’re enjoying the workouts (something they never thought would have happened...especially with one member saying how she hasn't enjoyed 'exercise' for the past 30 years...proof it's never too late, I guess?)

So if you haven’t already, I want to invite you to have a look ==HERE, and join us before we close down the FREE 7 day Tone Up Challenge Kickstart next week.

Simple, quick, effective and - dare I say it - fun --just the way toning up should be.

And any questions, hit reply


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