“I love takeaways and I still have them. I love chocolate and I can still have that.”

For once, I'm not going to do the talking. Because hearing stories like this really makes me feel so lucky to do the 'job' that I do.

So, I'll let a member using my Tone Up System do it:

"If you are interested in losing weight, changing your body shape and getting healthier then there are plenty of personal trainers out there offering just that....You pay your money and you work really hard for the first month and then.... You find yourself not bothering.. Not making the effort to make the healthy food choices or going to the gym. The weight goes back on and you're back to square one.

This is where  Matt is different... Very different! I joined Fruci Fit 3 months ago because I wanted to lose my belly, get healthier and fitter. I'm still working on it and I'm feeling better, more energetic and am fitter than ever.

Plus I am wearing smaller clothes. I've lost 2 inches off of my belly, my legs and arms are toning up and getting both stronger and less wobbly.

My diet has massively improved too as well as the way I look at food. Fruci fit isn't just a personal trainer for making your muscles work harder, it is a lot to do with food. Food education, food choices and how to change your food habits and lifestyle."

and my favourite part:

"I love takeaways and I still have them. I love chocolate and I can still have that."

^^^ I'd be hypocrite if I didn't let you have curry takeaway or enjoy your some chocolate (Lindt coconut chocolate gets me...I blame Mrs Fruci for leaving it out...)

"Matt appreciates that we all have things that we like and if we take them away we will have a limited time before we go back to it. Trust me, I don't eat the same way I used to, and on the occasion I try to... I get what I have come to call a food hangover because my body really doesn't like it any more. 

I would say, what have you got to lose but.... That's kind of what you are looking for! You can do it!"

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