What is your first session like?

I get it…

“I’m nervous about getting started” 🤔

“I’ll be too unfit”

“I’ve tried before”

“I’m scared of failing”

These are all REALLY COMMON…perhaps unfortunately.

When people start their journey at Fruci Fit with our Kickstart (reply with “kickstart if you’d like more info)

But there is good news?

Just after discomfort…

Comes a breakthrough..

And a reminder that those worries we get

Or the label we put on ourselves

Are just stuck on with Velcro…

We can peel them off at any time…

The best part?

Once you do that?

You build confidence.

Confidence comes from evidence .

Evidence of doing.

Doing the things that you “thought” you couldn’t do.

Because you labelled yourself…

And believed a thought so much that your behaviour conformed to it.

Why do we love what we do at Fruci Fit?

Well, just like I did with my public speaking…

When you overcome a fear / obstacle, there’s no better feeling..

And we get to share that feeling with the awesome women at Fruci Fit

This breakthrough WHEN it happens (as it will if you keep going) opens the doors to you achieving more than you once thought possible.

I mean, imagine never knowing what you could have achieved all because – well – when you really delve in deep to this – you were worried what others would say or think of you? 

It’s something I find interesting, especially bringing up kids and trying to say “Be yourself” and “don’t worry what others think”

But we have to first start with ourselves…

Anyway, here’s a little video of some clips from our small group sessions in our private studio: 


Matt 😃

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