“I’m not an exercise person”

You don’t need to be a gym lover 😀

“But I’m not a gym person”

“I’m not an exercise lover”. 

Something we often hear.

What if with the right accountability and support from an amazing community of like minded others and amazing coaches you could get all of the benefits of exercise and more?

There is an “exercise” for everyone…

The key part? 

Start at the start. 

Start where you are. 

Move from A to B.

(Not A to Z)

Remember that you don’t have to be perfect…

^^ perfect is actually a very low standard we set, as we never do it. It just gives us permission to not do something because “it won’t be perfect”

And remember that making your “bad” days a little bit “less bad” will have a massive impact on your results…

Happy Saturday !


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