What if it’s too hard? What if I fail?

“I don’t want to do that”

“It’s too scary”

My kids said as we got into Legoland last week.

Just 10 minutes later?

After doing the Swinging Ship…

“Can we do that again”

My point?

It’s rarely as scary as we make it out to be .

That first session..

That first habit change.

Trying to fit it in even if we dont think we have enough time..

And like I say to my kids…

If it’s not scary, it will probably be ‘boring’ (as they have now started to use the ‘that’s boring’ line)

And the best part?

Even if you ‘fail’

And it doesn’t work?

Guess what?

Now you have a better idea of what will work and what will not work for you.

Which is how you truly build a plan that fits you and your lifestyle


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