Do I need to track calories?

Not sure about you, but I quite like the scan as you go guns in the supermarket.

I can see how much I have spent as I go around.

I mean, if I’m not using one, I can still roughly have a good idea or I could just add it all up, but I never do.

And it’s easy for the odd thing to jump in the basket. 

And it’s for this reason why calorie counting is an essential.

However, it is a useful tool if you want to know exactly how many calories you are eating so that you can see what a calorie deficit is for you.

A calorie deficit is needed to lose weight. You can work this out by sticking to a rough number of calories for example, 1300 to 1500

And then saying over 2 to 4 weeks what happens to your weight and measurements.

If things are moving in the right direction, in terms of your goals with weight and measurements or even, how you feel, how your clothes fit, 

then you are in a deficit

if nothing has changed, or you have gained, then you are not in a deficit.

What does this mean to lose weight you have to track calories?

No, just like in a supermarket, you can still spend less than last week they consciously making different choices.

Here are three things you could do to create a calorie deficit without tracking calories.

  1. have protein at breakfast – this has been shown to subconsciously lower your food and take over the day due to protein having a great impact on your hunger
  2. Add fibre and veggies to your meals – bulking your meals out with fibre like Mediterranean vegetables, stirfry, mixed veg, salad, et cetera and remember frozen veg, frozen stirfry, mix and frozen Mediterranean vegetables are all good to. Keep it simple.
  3. Just track what you have inbetween meals – most people say their meals are okay, it’s the things in between. It’s the mindless eating. If you write down what you eat inbetween your meals and make a rule to write it down before you eat it, you will be more mindful.

Those are just three strategies you could start with.

Maybe you knew these anyway?

This is where our 100 day challenge comes in where we give you the accountability to do the things you probably do you need to do.

Message me with 100 and I’ll get you the details

Matt “supermarket sweep” Fruci

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