I forget too..

So it was mine and Mrs Fruci’s wedding anniversary last week

Nine years…


But in my defence.

It is quite easy to forget.

I mean, life is busy, right?

We get sucked into day to day stuff.

And all of a sudden years pass by..

OK, OK don’t worry

I didn’t forget our wedding anniversary..

But what I did forget (and still do)

Is how quickly time passes by….

We say we will do things

Say things…

Have fun WHEN [insert thing here is over]

Get fit once [insert thing in the way]

But before we know it?

Years have gone by..

And the thing is..

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

And it’s why we always ask the question at Fruci Fit:

What happens 5 years from now, if nothing changes and you don’t get a handle on [insert habit you want to change]?

Powerful, right?

Matt ‘not in the dog house’ Fruci

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