What if I have a knee issue?

So yesterday I shared that we will be doing a FREE 5-Day Kickstart starting Monday 26th February: 

“How Wilshire Women Can Start To Increase Their Energy, Regain Control of Their Food & Kickstart Their Fitness (Even If They’re Struggling With The Symptoms Of Peri / Post Menopause OR Lacking Time)”

(Register here:  https://frucifit.com/wiltshiremenopause/ )

And I had a question recently about whether this would suitable if you have a knee issue.

So thought I would share a few stories about Pip and Jos:

  1. How Pip went from struggling with her back & knee to 5 push ups (before her 70th birthday) & Hyrox https://youtu.be/HbJz0Bzfr6w
  2. How Jos went from feeling low and out of breath to 2 stone down, stronger & having fun doing so, even with a knee replacement sandwiched inbetween  https://youtu.be/mERMVe36jRk?si=Ydd37o40HD3Fs53s 

So yes, it can work for you 🙂 

You just have to meet us half way.

Register here: 

We start Monday 26th February


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