Free 5 Day Kickstart Reveals How Wiltshire Women Can Start To Increase Their Energy, Regain Control of Their Food & Kickstart Their Fitness (Even If They're Struggling With The Symptoms Of Peri / Post Menopause OR Lacking Time)

What Wiltshire Women 40+ Are Saying 👇

Hi, I'm Matt Fruci (Msc).

I’m a nutritionist & personal trainer at Fruci Fit – helping women of Wiltshire achieve their health & fitness goals whilst having fun.

Please act fast on this because spaces are very limited so I can deliver high quality professional coaching to those that are committed to change.  

No Hidden Costs, No Catches - Just 5 Days Of Coaching.

Challenge Starts On 26th February 2024

enrolment closes in:

Here's What We'll Cover During The 5 Days

DAY 1: Mindset Shift & Motivation To Do Things You Know You Need To Do

Focus more on where you are today. What does your life look like right now? I'll teach you a great strategy to find that out and audit yourself so you know which strategies will work best for you & use this to help you increase your confidence, whilst embracing changes during and post menopause

DAY 2-4: Exercise & Nutrition Made Easy

No matter your fitness level or prior exercise experience, we'll guide you through gentle yet effective exercises specifically chose to help with symptoms associated with menopause, such as muscle loss and bone density (all without equipment and can be done in 10 minutes). Say goodbye to muscle loss, increase bone density, and improve your overall strength, tone and mobility.

DAY 5: Mastery Plan: How To Stop Stopping

How to stay motivated & get through the honeymoon period of diet & exercise (get this right and you never need to start again...). We'll help you create a personalised plan to continue your journey beyond the 5 days. You'll leave equipped with the knowledge, tools, and resources to thrive during and after menopause.

Hi, I'm Matt Fruci (Msc).

I’m a nutritionist and personal trainer at Fruci Fit – who’s mission is to help women 40+ transform their health & fitness goals, enjoy exercise & create life-long habits that support this.

Coach & Nutritionist at Fruci Fit. 

Nice to “meet” you. Over the last few years, we’ve helped thousands of fed up and frustrated ladies get out of yo yo dietitian cycles, showing them exactly how it’s possible to fit exercise and healthy eating into your lifestyle, even if you struggle with time, willpower & self-sabotage. 

Think this is just the way it is now? 

Maybe you’re thinking you can’t change? 

Or maybe you’re just looking for a way to kickstart your energy and get the feel food endorphins back? 

Then this kickstart is a great starting point to challenge your misconceptions about food & exercise. 

The program really is FREE, no hidden costs or tricks. There’s an opportunity to continue with us at the end if you like. But if not, you can take the 5 days of professional coaching with you into your journey, enjoy 


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