only 20% will do it….

Here’s a weird little fact for you…

Next week, many women will (and already have) enquire or ask about my FREE 5 Day Kickstart beginning on Monday 26th February

But ONLY 20% of those will actually turn up and do it..

And 10% of those will engage with me throughout the 5 days. 

Why is that?

Why do so many people sit on the fence?

And let their fears hold them back from making a decision that will open doors for them?

Get them more energy?

Get out of bad habits?

Into positive, energising new ones?

Make everyday tasks easier?

You see, deep down inside…

Their gut says, “JUST DO IT!”

But that little voice of doubt yells back, 

“you’re not worth it… you’ll let yourself down again… who do you think you are anyway?? You couldn’t do it before”

I know.

3% of people have real reasons for not being able to join right away.

But the other 97%?

They are letting that voice hold them back…

The same voice that has kept them plateaued… stagnant… filled with doubt… creating a silent tension in so many areas…

As coaches and a Nutritionist myself, it’s our job at Fruci Fit to help you see these doubts for what they are…

And simply ask you great questions so you can get out of your own way and FINALLY get to the next level.

Below I have gone through some of these questions I get…

to address these fears and common questions…

Question #1: “Will the 5-days be too intense for me? I’ve not done anything for a long time?

My answer is simple: NO.

The 5-Day Kickstart is created in a way that allows you to go at your own pace with easy to implement tasks drip fed every day…

10 minute workout

5 minute task

That is it…

And if you want more?

You can come back in for the LIVE Q and A in the evening at 8pm Monday to Friday. I will be there to help YOU

All the content will be recorded for you to consume as you please in the future

Or (if you have time) join in the lives and get your most pressing questions answered!

So whether you’re still working a job and juggling the kids and family 

OR retired

This free 5-day Kickstart will fit right into your life, guaranteed.

Question #2: “Will this work for me?”

I’ve said it plenty of times: I’ve not found anyone who has engaged, asked questions, worked with us

And that it hasn’t worked for.

Despite injuries.

Comfort eating.


Fear about their age..

Menopause. .

Whether they’re too ‘unfit to start’

‘have too much to lose’

We’ve been in the trenches helping 1000s women in the last 24 months alone…

There are injuries, health conditions, mobility issues, self doubt, fear, and more…

Ultimately, it’s NOT about the type of issue…

It boils down to, 

Are You Willing To Ask For Help, Work With Us & Allow Us To Guide You To Success?

If the answer is “YES!” then this is for you.

Question #4: “I don’t have time right now. I’ll wait for the next one”


I’m not going to promise…

As the saying goes:

“if you don’t make time for your health today, you’ll be forced to make time for it tomorrow”

And it doesn’t need to be loooads of time.

We start with just 10 minutes. 

Imagine where you’d be by Easter if you did 10 minutes a day until then dedicated to you HEALTH?

You see, in my experience… those who “wait” find themselves in the same position 3 months later…

Gripping onto the same excuse as last time.

It just depends whether 

Your health right now is a sooner thing or a later thing for you…

This is about

Small steps compound effect.

To change your state

And change your energy

Next Sunday is your last chance to join our FREE 5 Day Kickstart which begins on Monday 26th February

specifically for women 40+, 50+, 60+ and 70+ who know what to do but need a plan and accountability to do it. 

Details here: 

Perfect if you want to kickstart your healthy habits

With exercise and healthy eating..


PS. You need to be joined in the group for Monday so you are ready for the starting task Monday 

PPS. Here’s the link to register 

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