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What happened to Jo (1 year later)

So I caught up with the amazing Jo Waltham this week. Jo has been on our Fit For Life Programme for nearly a year, losing 2 stone without it ‘feeling like I have had to change anything”… 

Here’s what we discussed: 

✅ One simple swap that helped Jo curb her hunger 

✅ The simple ‘not so secret’ to overcoming fears of public speaking and trying new things 

✅ The surprising piece of advice Jo received that inspired her to do what she is doing in this General Election (it is also the secret to how she lost 2 stone) 

✅ How Jo now views exercise (which helps with her motivation and consistency) 

Plus, much, much more… 

Check it out here: CLICK HERE TO WATCH

But I get that a year can seem like a long time away and that can be demotivating … although I guess if it fits your lifestyle and doesn’t feel like you are changing much then who cares? 

But anyway, I thought I’d share a few messages from Simone and Liz who’ve just finished their 4 week Kickstarts: 


“ I would highly recommend anyone ‘umming and aahing’ about joining Matt’s group to definitely do it! Matt and Julie are highly motivated and really help to get you going but in a gently way with daily encouragement and in the classes. The app is great and you find all the nutritional information you need. Thank you Matt and Julie for getting me started!”


“Just completed the 4 week kick start and I was so surprised and pleased to find that it really does work. It’s not just the classes, or the nutritional info he gives but he genuinely changes the way you think about these and your relationship with food. It’s been a real eye opener for me and my habits have changed and my mojo has been found! Thanks Matt “

And sure, it might not be for everyone… This is a true transformation, based on habits rather than quick fixes Just like Jo said.. And if you want to kickstart your habits and results like Jo and co (nice ring to that)? 

Just reply with “Marlborough”, “Devizes” or “Burbage’ and I’ll get you the details. And show you how you can train in December for FREE…

This is available until Saturday 

Specifically, for ladies over 40 that want to kickstart their habits

But are thinking of leaving it until January