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So had this message from Wendy (who’s 5 week in to our programme) yesterday:

“Morning everyone, well I’m going to tell you a story, are you sitting comfortably then I shall begin 😜, sorry just fancied saying that !!

Ok today I managed a HUGE milestone for me.

I joined 5 weeks ago and basically couldn’t do much if anything, I used a walking frame to get around the house and a mobility scooter for taking my dog Maddie out, so the thought of exercise was just a laugh….., but how wrong was I?

Matt and Julie were fantastic at adapting exercises so I could
 still join in and not feel in the way( I often felt I had no right to be somewhere as people often stare or huff at me ) and made me feel so welcome.

The biggest thing I’ve learnt is not to put myself down if I have an off day,
A friend of mine once said think of your week as a bunch of roses, if one dies you don’t throw the whole lot away!,

so that if I muck up one day ‘oh well’ it doesn’t mean the whole week is ruined ,make it back up later or the next day.

Anyway sorry I’ve gone off course oops 

basically today I walked into class WITHOUT my walker from my car parked about 200meters away AND I did the WHOLE class standing up 😀😀 . this from 5 weeks ago when I sat the whole session and couldn’t even complete each exercise!

So if anyone you know or even yourself DON’T give up, I have had a couple of weeks when I didn’t go to group but I still did my little bits at home .

Follow what Matt says and it will work x

REMEMBER one step at a time and It’s U versus U

Have a great day xx”

What an inspiration…

Well done, Wendy..

And something I want to touch on here 

Was not just the fact Wendy has ditched her walker and proved herself wrong…

But how she has stopped beating herself up..

You know, for not being ‘perfect’…

Because – ultimately – your results pretty much come down to the time you spend dwelling / beating yourself up

Rather than getting back to doing what makes you feel good and full of energy…

I love the saying:

“Treat yourself like you would treat others”..

Because some of the things we say to ourselves

We wouldn’t dream of saying to someone else, right?

And I love What Wendy said about:

“A friend of mine once said think of your week as a bunch of roses, if one dies you don’t throw the whole lot away!,”

Because is this exact mindset I have been telling the ladies to have this time of year..

You know, when the Quality Streets are out

And social events are everywhere…

Because just like you wouldn’t throw the whole lot away of roses away if one dies…

Just like if you spent £100 you wouldn’t think “I might as well spend £1000”…

Just because you have a few meals out and some cake..

It doesn’t mean the whole month should be thrown away..

Imagine what would be different if you applied this mindset?

With your energy?

I know for me that when I look after myself first?

I have more energy for others

And end up apologising less

For being so impatient, snappy..often with loved ones (sorry Mrs Fruci haha)

And if you want to join Wendy and co…

Tomorrow is the final day to join our ‘train for Free December’ offer

For ladies over 40 in Devizes, Marlborough and Burbage

Who know what to do but still don’t do it…

If you want to get in on this?

We have 2 spaces in Marlborough and 3 spaces left in Devizes.

Just message me with ‘Marlborough’ ‘Devizes’ or ‘Burbage and I’ll get you the details.

Matt ‘one rose is better than none’ Fruci