What does a Fruci Fit workout look like?

What does a Fruci Fit workout look like?

What do you actually do?

In a nutshell?

Every session 

Is quite different .

But the key part? 

There’s usually resistance training element and a cardio element

(Unless we are doing something like Pilates, yoga or Tai Chi, of course)


Because – well – resistance exercise is just about the most proven thing to help with ageing…

More effective than Aloe Vera, collagen and trying to see which foods are right for you based on your blood sugar levels  😉 

^^ more on that another day 

After all, if you’re stronger ? You can do more and you’re more independent 

If you have more muscle? Not only could you get that more toned look but you also have more “space” to store “sugar” as glycogen which might help with your glucose levels… 

If you use your muscles more?  You are essentially depleting your muscles of this stored sugar, freeing up space for more ..

I could go on.

And I know this sounds like this could take a long time.

It seems like a lot of effort, right?

Well, our sessions are anything from 1 minute to 8 minutes to 15 minutes to 30 minutes…

(Here’s a highlight reel from our studio sessions and outside sessions last week:


So you can do it 

Even on your busiest, most stressful day. 

Speaking of which,

This is just one of the things we go through in the free 5-Day Menopause Mastery programme starting 3rd July.

Which you can register for here


See you there 

Matt “1 minute” Fruci

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