Blue poop?

So I had a bit of a shock the other day..

(apologies if this puts you off your breakfast…although that may be a good thing according to the latest ‘research’😂)

When I opened up my daughters nappy

To find an explosion of blue poop…

But the thing is..

I don’t know why I was surprised

As the day before

She ate a fair few blueberries…😂

But my point is NOT about 

some new detox blue powder 

(Which makes your poop go blue and ‘gets rid of toxins’…haha)

But actually a gruesome reminder of what goes in

Also comes out…

And it is something that my coach reminds me of …

Because where you are right now 

With your body, mindset, energy, family, health, relationships 

Is a direct reflection of your daily habits

Over the last 30, 60, 90 days…or even years..

And the moment we accept this?

The moment we are in power and can do something about it.

Because it becomes less about blame or shame..

(Even if you are not at fault here)

And shifts your focus on to

What are you willing to do about it TODAY?

Because sometimes the easiest way to shift away from

The self sabotage

The comfort eating snacking habits..

Is just to ask yourself better questions..

And shift your focus to what you CAN control

Rather than what you wish you can control..

That is literally all we do 

Day in, day out

In our 4-Week Kickstart Programme for ladies 40+ looking to kickstart their healthy habits and motivation

To do the things they know they need to do

Matt ‘blue poop detox specialist’ Fruci

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